who we are:

We are a small team working out of an old not-so-earthquake-safe building in NW Portland. We've been at this for a long time and ceremony is our new approach to the process.We want our clients to have a direct line to the work that is happening and the people creating it. We want to become a thought partner who is versed in the brand and the folks that interact with it. We know space, interiors / environment, branding, copywriting, packaging, campaigns, art / creative direction, motion... and if there is something needed outside of that we have friends that can help. We are from small towns, we fish (a lot), hike, bike, build cars + motorcycles, camp, play in bands and can't wait to get to work. 

brands / friends / possible enemies we've worked for:

adidas, YETI, Nike, Dell, Simms, Rapha, New Era, Throne, Converse, Church Bar, Chapel Hill, Painted Saints, 1 Portland, 1905, Broadcast Photobooths, NW Rods, Derby, O’ Dear, Gilgamesh Brewing, The Modern Man, Whiskey Tango, Beer & Rainbows, LaCrosse, Goddamned Animals